Huxter is proud to collaborate with some extremely talented Australian Artists. We love bringing their artwork to life on our products so you can not only enjoy in your home but are also able to choose a design that can share a feeling, emotion and sentiment that is suitable for any gift occasion.

Amanda Brooks
Amanda's unique work reflects the contemporary, casual and colour filled lifestyle of the picturesque Sunshine Coast, Queensland. 
Amanda comes from a family of artists, dancers and musicians . She started as a graphic designer, moving on to teach painting. This brings to her work a discipline and lifelikeness that is often hard to find in the work of contemporary painters. Attention to detail, composition, interesting layers of paint washes and textures and an eye for colour have made her work highly prized, being represented in private collections throughout South-east Asia, Europe, the United States and Australia. Amanda is now a successfully published artist overseas. 

Art By Caz
Caz (Carolyn Sroczynski) is a Melbourne based artist with 20 years experience with acrylic paintings in Contemporary art. Born and raised in the East Gippsland region of Victoria, Caz has received recognition for her artwork in Fine Art and graphic design and has regularly entered work in several art exhibitions across Victoria, NSW and Queensland. 

Her style has a unique edge and appeals to a wide audience. Caz’s art says volumes about her life to date and reflects an individual perspective that is diverse and rare in today’s modern artistic styles.

Jane Donaldson
Beginning as a hobby artist, Jane learnt and developed her style without formal qualifications or study - just a determination to paint and write and a belief that bravery, mistakes and introspection lay fertile ground for unexpected and wonderful opportunities. 

Themes of love, attachment and relationships with those that are closest dominate her work, and images of tangled hearts, outstretched hands and homes to house her characters and their companions cover the canvases.   

1049 Dreams
The artist behind 1049dreams is Amber Somerset. Drawing on her upbringing and experiences she has found a little world of bohemia and beauty emerge through her designs. Her use of brush marks and pattern merged with realism, colours, textures, shapes and influences from different cultures forms the basis of her designs. "Maybe, I’ve dreamt 1,049 times of being an artist and designer and welcoming you into my enigmatic jungle of dreams"

Carolyne Hallum
“A Melbourne based artist, Carolyne Hallum has always dabbled in some form of artwork. Self taught and still learning, she first dabbled in ceramics and woodwork selling her wares in markets when her children were small. Today she has found the passion painting florals and abstracts working with acrylic paints on canvas. Painting has become a full time job with stores across Australia stocking her work.”

Emilio Frank Design
Shana Danon is an artist and surface designer who creates paintings, prints and patters from her Bondi studio. Her work is known for its bold emotive colour and vibrant modernist style, inspired by passion for Mid Century modernism. Shana's work celebrates form, function and a touch of whimsy intended to create bright, positive spaces and evoke joyful memories.

Emilio Frank Design artworks are conversational pieces for those who love to live colourfully. Shana has exhibited locally and internationally, with recent collections licensed for interiors, fashion, homewares and public art.

Justine McNamara
Justine McNamara’s paintings capture idyllic moments; images that are immediately accessible to anyone who has lived or holidayed on the Mornington Peninsula or, indeed, any bay or coastline.

Striking and lucid, yet dreamlike imagery evokes strong memories of, yearnings for – or both – simple luxuries. They are real, ordinary moments made surreal.