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We are fortunate to work with some incredible artists to develop the designs for our beautiful wrapped soaps. This collection we have decided to share with you who each of our artists are and a little background about them and their businesses.

NEW Artist -Jackie Green

We are thrilled to showcase the unique and charming designs of Jackie Green of The Sorrento Studio from Mornington Peninsula. Amid Coastal Contemplation, Jackie turns to her Sorrento backyard and finds a natural muse in Mother Nature. Whispers of the sea, tides of tranquillity and the stillness of sands are laid bare in works imagined to bring a state of effortless, joyous calm.

With a background in freehand signwriting and custom-made signage, Jackie merges typography and iconography with abstract expressionism.

Her artistic ventures, Urban Rhythm and Coastal Contemplation, mirror urban energy and coastal serenity respectively. Through vibrant pastels, neon shades, and intricate lettering, Urban Rhythm encapsulates the lively modern urban vibe.

Jackie's creations all share a common purpose—to spread nothing but good vibes through her carefully crafted art.

Huxter's Artist Kelsie Rose profile picture

Kelsie Rose

Kelsie's artistic journey has been one filled with passion and creativity. Despite her busy schedule, Kelsie always finds time to let her creative juices flow, often sketching and painting during her free time. She draws inspiration from the beauty of nature, capturing the essence of landscapes and floral designs through her art.

 As a self-taught artist, Kelsie's unique style is a product of her imagination, allowing her to express herself in a way that is authentic and captivating. Her use of thick textures adds depth and dimension to her artworks, making them stand out from the rest.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Kelsie is also a devoted mother, wife, and a senior speech pathologist. Her family and profession inspire her to create art that is both meaningful and relatable. Whether she is running marathons or hiking the hills, Kelsie's love for nature fuels her artistic passion, making her artwork a reflection of her life's experiences.

Kelsie's art has been recognized for its beauty and creativity, earning her a loyal following of admirers who appreciate her unique approach to painting. Her artworks are sought after by art collectors, who value her distinctive style and the emotion that her art evokes.

We are very proud to welcome Kelsie to Huxter and feature her works on our loved Wrapped Soaps.

Huxter Artist Natalie Martin with her paintings and dog

Natalie Martin

Introducing Natalie Martin, a talented artist and graphic designer based in the stunning Wadawarrung country on the Surf Coast of Victoria. With a passion for bringing joy and color to everyday life, Natalie creates vibrant watercolor artworks that capture the striking beauty and delicacy of native Australian flora and landscapes.

As a nature lover, Natalie draws inspiration from the seasonal swing of blooms throughout the year. Her deep connection to the outdoors and love for observing and learning from nature is reflected in her exquisite art pieces. With her studio located on the Surf Coast, she has an endless source of inspiration within reach.

Natalie pursued her passion for art by studying Communication Design at RMIT and maintaining a general arts practice during her studies and early twenties. She discovered her love for watercolor early on, along with inks and water-soluble crayons. Since her first solo exhibition in 2012, 'Welcome to the Nest' in Geelong, she has exhibited her artwork across Australia. She has also produced a collection of limited edition prints, developed a line of environmentally friendly stationery, experimented with printing on fabrics, and has begun teaching workshops both in person and online.

Natalie's unique style and creative vision make her a highly sought-after artist. Her artworks are a testament to her talent and her passion for capturing the beauty of the natural world. We're thrilled to feature her designs as one of our talented artists.

Huxter Artist Carolyne Hallum

Carolyne Hallum

Carolyne lives in Melbourne, near the Dandenong hills, with her spouse and two adult children.

She established Attic House Designs, where she crafted ceramics and folk art wood pieces, discovering her love for art after the birth of her first child. Later, she became a merchandiser for a card company, where she worked alongside her sister's family business, reigniting her passion for painting.

In 2016, she quit her job to focus entirely on her art, which is how Carolyne Hallums Art came into being. She believes that artists continue to evolve and grow daily.

We just love her designs on our Huxter soaps and know that you’ll enjoy them just as much.

Huxter's Artist Bronte Goodieson profile picture

Bronte Goodieson

Bronte Goodieson is a Sydney based artist, she works both digitally and traditionally; Her range of prints and artwork is stocked amongst boutiques nation-wide.

The nature of her work is inspired by travels, typography, nature and fashion.

All of her Prints are embellished by hand in her Sydney Studio.

Huxter Artist Profile - Jacinta Haycook

Jacinta Haycook

A self-taught impressionist artist whose vibrant canvases captured the hearts of the nation during the recent ‘Buy from the Bush’ campaign.

With her unique and original mixed media artworks, Jacinta draws inspiration from her life and external surroundings, including native plants, rural landscapes, and her farmyard friends.

As a wife and mother of 11 children, Jacinta resides on a sprawling 960-acre cattle farm in Dubbo, New South Wales, where she has lived her entire life. Growing up on a sheep property outside of Warren, Jacinta has always been immersed in rural life and has a deep love for the natural world.

Despite personal hardships endured during the recent drought, Jacinta’s unwavering motivation as an artist comes from her desire to support her family and bring joy to others through her colourful creations. Her passion for art and love of vibrant colour are evident in each of her pieces, which are wholly original and bear her unique signature style.

We are thrilled to showcase Jacinta’s works on our platform and invite you to discover her colourful and inspiring art for yourself.

Huxter's Artist CAZ profile picture

Art by CAZ - Caz Sroczynski

Caz has been creating acrylic paintings in contemporary art  for interior spaces for over 25 years. 

Based in Melbourne, Australia Caz has received recognition  for her artwork in several art exhibitions and galleries and  been selected for many private and commercial collections  around Australia and Overseas. 

Including winning highly commended and best modern  painting two years in a row in varied exhibitions. 

In addition to selling to private collections her art is popular  with interior stylists fitting out hotels, apartments, and  corporate offices. 

Caz also has supported many charities and foundations and  collaborates with Huxterhome gifts and soaps supplying art  images for their products. 

Her artwork is ever evolving and covers an enormous  spectrum of subjects with a unique edge and continues to  challenge herself experimenting with techniques and  mediums.

Huxter's Artist Little Ray Design profile picture

Little Ray Design - Jessica Anderson

Introducing Little Ray Design – the artistic creations of Jessica Anderson. Born and raised in the serene green hills of Korumburra in South Gippsland, Jessica's love for art began at a young age. After studying Visual Arts and Education in Melbourne, Jessica pursued a career as a secondary Art & Design teacher for over a decade before transitioning to full-time painting from her home in Melbourne's east.

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, Jessica's artistry is fuelled by the beauty of native flora, especially flowers. Her artwork is an ode to the vibrancy and motion of nature and is characterized by rambling compositions that capture the essence of life. Her preferred medium is acrylics, and she skillfully builds layers to create rich textures and colors.

Little Ray Design is a testament to Jessica's love for creating artwork that tells a story and captures the imagination of those who behold it. Each piece is crafted with the intention of providing a unique and immersive experience, where every glance reveals new textures, shapes, and hidden colors. With her artistic talent and innate creativity, Jessica's work will leave a lasting impression on anyone who encounters it. 

Huxter Artist Mahlah

InkheArt - Mahlah

Mahlah is a mother of 4 who lives in Forbes NSW Australia. Mahlah works full-time at a School in student services, but art is her first Love.

"I am very passionate about creating and expressing myself through my work. I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer when I was 39 and due to treatment I went into surgical menopause with a side of anxiety. Painting helps with my anxiety. I am so grateful every day that I am able to keep creating I love being able to share my passion with you all and offer affordable Art for all to enjoy. I am drawn to animals and flowers that resonates with my colourful background in tattooing which I finished up when my third son was born. I love to spread positive vibes with my work.

I now work solely with digital paint brushes, I paint using a wacom tablet. I love painting this way because it allows me to paint wherever I go. We love to travel in our caravan so painting on the road is not a problem. 

Painting digitally also allows me to customise colours easy to suit customers needs. On rare occasions I still love to get messy with some acrylic work. I offer Australian made canvas prints of my work on my website and wholesale prints through the homewares company Rayell."

Huxter's Artist Amanda Brookes profile picture

Amanda Brooks

Amanda's unique work reflects the contemporary, casual and colour filled lifestyle of the picturesque Sunshine Coast, Queensland...

Living in the Noosa hinterland she shares a home with her Husband, their daughter Coco, and younger Twins Jasper and Indigo. She will happily ship artwork worldwide and offers a 3/5 day door to door delivery service within Australia .

Amanda Brooks' work on large canvases are vibrant and textured using a combination of acrylics, ink washes and oils creating layer  upon layer reflecting  her love of nature, music and the coast. From her whimsical birds and animals  , abstract contemporary florals ,ocean pools to her compositions of beautiful bowls, fruit, and kitchen finery, Amanda's work captures light and form in a breathtaking manner .

Her dedication to observing nature is displayed in the way she approaches her textured contemporary landscapes, whimsical figurines , fresh bold florals and floating hummingbirds . "When one is in touch with nature no season passes unnoticed", says Amanda.

Amanda comes from a family of artists, dancers and musicians . She started as a graphic designer, moving on to teach painting. This brings to her work a discipline and lifelikeness that is often hard to find in the work of contemporary painters. Attention to detail, composition, interesting layers of paint washes and textures and an eye for colour have made her work highly prized, being represented in private collections throughout South-east Asia, Europe, the United States and Australia. Amanda is now a successfully published artist overseas. 

It is the warmth the paintings bring to people's homes and lives that attracts buyers.

Huxter's Artist Squirrel Designs profile picture

Squirrel Designs

We are thrilled to showcase the unique and charming designs of Bernard and Elleni's Squirrel Design Studio. This Brisbane-based company has a fascinating origin story that began in New York City, where the couple was inspired by the playful and resourceful nature of squirrels in Washington Square Park.

After two years of planning and designing, with the help of their friend Pedro and young artist Jasper, Squirrel Design Studio was born. Their passion for creating handmade cards and stationery is evident in every detail of their work, which is entirely Australian-made, from creation to production to distribution.

The Squirrel Design Studio team takes pride in their artistic process, beginning with hand-drawn designs that are transformed into innovative and whimsical cards that are perfect for sharing with loved ones. Each design is infused with the wit and humor that is persistent in Australian culture, ensuring that every card will bring a smile to the faces of both sender and recipient.

Embody this in their designs to make you smile or laugh or help you share a story or moment with others.