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The Best Gift Ideas for New Mums – What They REALLY Want…

The Best Gift Ideas for New Mums – What They REALLY Want…

The best gift for a new mum – besides a good night’s sleep! – is a gift that makes her feel truly pampered and appreciated. It need not be big or expensive, just a little something that says, “Congratulations on bringing this little human into the world, I think you’re pretty amazing”.

Your gift may not necessarily be products that she would buy for herself on a regular basis (although we ALL need to do more of that!)… The idea is to spoil her and make her feel good. More often than not, it’s the baby that receives a present - which is also wonderful, and most definitely appreciated - but of course we know who’s REALLY done the hard work here; Mama Bear, that’s who!

Here at Huxter, we’ve put together some of our most-loved products that would be absolutely perfect for all the new Mama Bears out there. Every single one of the ‘Matchy Match Bundles’ on our Gifts + Sets page is just waiting to pamper a new mum in your life.


Whether it’s a soap, lip balm, hand cream or bath soak, these are the little luxuries that every woman loves, especially one who’s recently had a baby; all gently encouraging her to take a little precious time out for herself to make her feel special.

Something as simple as a beautifully fragranced soap will bring joy, not only when she’s using it, but also when she catches those wafts of fragrance afterwards. A lot of time and thought has gone into choosing our fragrances, so we know you’ll find one that’s just perfect for her.

And when it comes to indulgence, our hand creams are quite simply, beautiful. Enriched with a natural blend of almond oil, coconut oil, shea and cocoa butter, and fragranced to uplift or relax, they’re just what every new mum needs.

How about a luscious lip balm to pop in her handbag, or by her bed at night? It takes just a few seconds to hydrate this often-neglected part of the body, but those few seconds can make a world of difference.

But perhaps the product most likely to inspire gratitude from a new mum is our scented bath soak. Soaking tired limbs in a bath filled with the restorative and healing properties of Epsom salts can bring a new mum back to the land of the living in no time. Believe us, you’ll be the new favourite person in her life!

And if time or distance is not on your side at the moment, don’t you worry… we’ll pack up your little pamper package with care, and within days your new mum will be singing your praises and wondering how you know her SO well. We’ve got your new mum gifts all sorted.

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