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a lady's hand with a bar of triple milled soap resting in her palm

What does Triple Milled Soap mean?

Soap has been around for thousands of years, with a history dating back to 2800 B.C., however, the Triple Milled method of soap making was only developed in France in the 1700’s. Since then, this process has been refined to something of an art form and Triple Milled soap has now become synonymous with quality and luxury.

Soap - Did you know?

Soap is formed by a process called saponification. This literally means “turning into soap” from the root word sapo, which is – surprise, surprise! - Latin for soap. This process occurs due to a chemical reaction caused by mixing a fatty acid and an alkali together. Alkali neutralises the fatty acid to produce soap. An interesting fact - chemically, soap is actually a fatty acid salt!


Triple Milled Soap Meaning

Once saponification has occurred, the soap mixture is then dried in preparation for the next step. During this drying process, the mixture forms crystals. Without Triple Milling, these crystals would produce quite a gritty and rough base, which is what you would find in an inferior soap. 

The next stage begins with the soap crystals being thoroughly mixed with natural colouring and fragrance. Once this has been done, the mixture is then passed through heavy duty, high pressure, stainless steel rollers. Just to get a sense of just how finely the mixture is milled, the width between these rollers is equivalent to the width of an average human hair! The mill crushes the crystals, turning them into a smooth, very fine paste in ribbon form.

This process is repeated at least three times (hence the term Triple Milled), each time refining the mixture until there is no excess moisture or pockets of air. Over-milling can result in a soap that’s too dry, so it’s important to get the process just right, which is a skill in itself.

The milled, coloured and fragranced soap ribbons are then heat-pressed into bars. Once the bars have cooled, you are left with perfectly rich and creamy, luxurious soap. The Triple Milling process guarantees that the fragrance, colour and texture are evenly distributed and consistent throughout the soap, and any impurities are removed.



Why Choose Triple Milled Soap?

There a number of ways in which soap can be made, however, as people are returning to products that contain natural ingredients and are produced through environmentally and animal friendly methods, it’s Triple Milled soap (such as Huxter’s!) that has truly set the standard for high quality.

Another good reason to choose Triple Milled soap – nobody likes that messy glob of soap that sticks to your soap dish, as can happen with cheaper, mass-produced bars. Triple Milled soap contains less water and is denser than regular soap, so you’ll never have to deal with messy globs again!

In a nutshell, here are the main benefits to choosing Triple Milled soap over regular soap:

  • It is smoother and more refined
  • The soap will have no impurities
  • It is creamier and more luxurious
  • The soap is denser and will last much longer
  • Each bar will be consistent in colour, fragrance and texture

Huxter Australian Made Soap

There was no doubt in our minds that the Triple Milling method was the only process to consider for our soap when Huxter was born, in 2016. It was imperative that our soap be luxurious and smooth, with a rich and creamy lather that leaves skin feeling soft and cleansed.  Mission accomplished!

On top of this, our soap is made in gorgeous, custom-made shapes that sit perfectly in the hand, complete with our distinctive branding imprinted on the top. Stunning perfumes linger on the skin, whilst our beautiful packaging ensures that Huxter is unique in the world of luxury soap!

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